1) Who may apply for a grant?

Answer: Not-for-profit corporations and their direct affiliates may apply for a grant not exceeding $5,000 in a calendar year.  No entity receiving 10% or more of its annual budgeted expenses from any taxing body shall be eligible for any grant or loan.

2) When are grant applications due?

Answer: Grant applications are accepted twice a year, April 1-30 and August 1-31.

3) How do I apply for a grant?

Answer: Applications may either be submitted on line or through the mail.

4) What is the maximum amount of a grant?

Answer: $5000 per calendar year.

5) What documentation is required along with the application?


  1. Notarized signature:  The form is in the word file.  After completing the form with a notary public, it will need to be included with the required documentation.

  2. Current annual operating budget and financial statements from the past year (if available).

  3. IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter

6) Must the applicant be a Lisle based charitable organization to apply?

Answer: No, the charitable organization does not have to be based in Lisle, but must have a significant favorable impact on the people of Lisle.   The impact and benefit of the grant for residents of Lisle must be clearly documented in the application.

 7) How will the applicant be notified if a grant is approved/denied?

Answer: Applicants will be notified by mail in late May or late September.

8) How are grants paid out?

Answer: Grants are paid out by check and  sent through the United States Post Office.

9) How are scholarships awarded?

Answer: Scholarship Recipients must be Lisle Residents who will attend a college or university in the fall. Officials at the school will determine which students will be awarded LCSC Scholarships. It is preferred that scholarships be awarded to deserving students who may not otherwise qualify for other scholarship awards.